The Man

Adrian is a shape-shifting, cultural provocateur, who’s not afraid to rock the boat, or to say what needs to be said.

When he’s not ‘on-the-clock’, generating creative solutions for clients, he’s sure to be found tinkering away in his home recording studio, or else, prolifically churning out pithy memes that spread like wildfire.

The Business

Having worked with a variety of leading advertising agencies and design studios, Adrian took a punt on his own growing client base when he launched Adrian Elton Creative* in 2003.

In the years since, Adrian has worked with a truly eclectic range of local and international clients, agencies and brands; developing everything from complex corporate identities programmes, to multi-channel advertising campaigns.


This gallery provides a glimpse into the creative world that lies beyond the client briefs.

Whether it’s making music, film clips, or even indulging in the occasional cameo acting role – if it’s creative, Adrian’s all over it.

All of these experiences add a rich dimension to the creative decision making when it comes back to the ‘real’ projects.